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FlexForm Korea provides a wide range of products including the interior and exterior materials for Auto parts, Construction materials, Transportation materials, Geotextile materials, and agricultural materials as well as household product materials that we see and use every day.


Composite Materials

What is a FROTP?

*FROTP (Fiber Reinforced Organic Textile Plastic Composite)

A FROTP material is made as a mixture of two or more organic fibers. A FROTP material can join the characteristics of different fibers to achieve superb properties that are not available in a single fiber.

FlexForm Korea is working its way up to become the No. 1 company in the field of composite materials by using a variety of fibers and superb production capabilities.


The 6 Advantages of FlexForm Korea materials

  1. Lightweight

    The micro-porous structures of our products make the product lighter by more than 30% compared to injection products.

  2. Using a Variety of Raw Materials

    We use a variety of raw materials depending on the applications and purposes of the products when we design multi-layer products of ours.

  3. Competitive price

    With an annual production capacity of 10 million square meters, our prices are highly competitive.

  4. Eco-friendly products

    We use natural and recycled fiber materials in our products, which are VOC-free since we do not use chemical adhesives.

  5. Customized production

    We develop and supply products that are of the weight, thickness, and physical properties of the customers’ needs.

  6. Good formability

    We use organic thermoplastic materials so that the products can be formed in various shapes.