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Test Instrument

  • Oven & Press for molding
    - Size(3.0m*3.0m)

    A machine that is capable of forming after heating with an IR oven.

  • Temp & Hum test chamber
    - Size(2.5m*3.5m*3.0m)

    A machine that is capable of conducting reliability tests by attaching a molding sample onto a vehicle.

  • Universal testing machine(Instron)

    A test instrument for mechanical properties of materials (Tensile, Flexural, and Peel strength, etc.)

  • Impedance tube method(Bruel&kjaer)

    A test instrument for the sound absorption/blocking performance of the materials.

  • Hot press

    A equipment for making board sample

Other test instruments

  • Melt Flow Indexer
  • Constant temperature water bath
  • Furnace (mineral content analyzer)
  • Aging oven
  • FMVSS Flammability tester
  • Izod impact strength tester
  • Salt spray test chamber
  • Differential scanning calorimeter
  • UV Weather meter