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FlexForm Korea Co., Ltd. was established in 2014, and we always strive to become the leader of the global market as a specialized Organic fiber reinforced composite materials manufacturer that leads the Korean market.

FlexForm Korea has a wide range of portfolios that cover Auto parts, construction materials, household product materials, and advanced new materials. With our superb production capabilities and innovative R&D, we do our best to change the future and develop materials that can satisfy our customers.

  • The solution for you We provide a world-class solution through our partnership.

    FlexForm Korea develops and manufactures materials customized only for you. A variety of combinations of raw materials and our superb production capabilities will satisfy the requirements of our customers, as we serve you not only as a vendor but also as a partner, supported by the corresponding quality management system to go beyond your expectations.

  • Go closer to your life We create materials that satisfy people and nature.

    The demand for eco-friendly is rising, with increased consumer awareness and social standards on the environment. More than 80% of FlexForm Korea’s products are made from organic natural, recycled, or other eco-friendly fibers without using potentially harmful chemical adhesives. We make VOC-free materials using our DBP line, special compression line with a high temperature and compress process.

  • Light up the future We lead the innovation of composite materials with our continued R&D efforts toward a future.

    FlexForm Korea aims to lead the market with innovative technology backed by aggressive investment and superb R&D talents. With the applications of composite materials increasing and the expectations on their physical properties rising, we are working hard to realize our unique values for the future through our creativity and continued R&D efforts, aiming to be the top materials company in the industry.