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Our Businesses

FlexForm Korea provides an optimized environment in which the company and its employees may grow together.
  • Production
    • Responsible for operating the production equipment for nonwoven composite materials.
    • To prepare for a production and manage the level of products in accordance with a standardized method.
    • Taking the production performance with accuracy.

    We are looking for applicants who are interested in a large-scale equipment,

    hardworking with integrity, persistent, resourceful or proactive.

  • Production management
    • Production management/production planning/workers management
    • Analysis and management of the production performance data
    • Managing and purchasing raw materials and auxiliary materials.

    Must be smart, with attention to detail, and perfectionist.


  • Production Engineering
    • Maintenance of equipment and management of utilities
    • To review equipment quotations and place orders.
    • Process troubleshooting and optimizing.
    • To prepare documents related to facilities and equipment.

    We are looking for engineers, rather than technicians.

    Concentration and tenacity can be a plus.

  • Sales/Sales Management
    • Overseas/domestic sales and support
    • Sales planning and performance management
    • Order and sales management

    We are looking for candidates who is imaginative and courageous to make and carry out out-of-context plan.

    But, not outrageous daydreamers.

  • Logistics
    • Shipping management in the domestic and overseas markets.
    • Checking and making reservations for the ships for exportation.

    Be sensible enough not only to understand the current inventory status of the company but also to tip the sales management to prepare for production based on the inventory status of the customers.

  • Management Planning
    • Performance and business index Management
      (Sales, Income, Budget, and KPI, etc.)

    Attention to detail and brilliance can be a plus.

    * Even better if you have the skill to set the mid/long-term plan and the guts to proceed with the plan.

  • HR
    • Overall HR Management, including the attendance, leaves, and evaluation of the employees.
    • Respond to labor issues
    • Management of the data related to human resources
      (wages/bonuses, recruitment, social insurances, tax return, and training, etc.)
    • Establish and manage the job productivity indexes with regard to 52-hour weeks and work-life balance.

    A highly balanced approach to labor-employer conflicts. (We rather need cold reason over the warmth of humanity.)

    * Need to be brave enough to inform the CEO of the illegality of the company's actions.

  • General Affairs
    • Interactions with the public authorities (facility management)/ permit acquisition, other administrative responsibilities including the management of the factory.
    • Electricity, fire safety, gas safety, and health management, etc.
    • General Affairs

    For people who have an aptitude for multi-tasking; shrewd memory is a plus. We prefer hard workers to lazy geniuses.

  • Accounting and Finance
    • Accounting/Taxation/ Fund
    • Planning for and tracking the use of the fund
    • Budget management and analysis

    This position requires direct handling of cash. They need to be precise in their work and honest while being brave enough to confess a mistake.

    Some human touch is also a plus, taking care of the small expenditures to be reimbursed to the employees.

  • R&D
    • Researching and developing new products
    • Establishing the process for R&D (process and materials)
    • Patent and certification management
    • Government-funded projects execution

    Free communication is encouraged and in effect in this department.

    We welcome out-of-the-box thinkers with the courage to speak up.

  • QA/QC
    • Quality control and improvement of finished products
    • Managing and inspecting production lines.
    • Responding to the QA processes of customers
    • Verification of the validity of QA equipment and testing the reliability of products
    • Raw materials incoming inspection

    Our QA responsibility requires more than simple rubber stamping. We mean serious quality assurance.

    You are required to provide advice and instructions to the production teams regarding how to reduce defects.