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R&D Center

The R&D center of FlexForm Korea was established in 2015 and still proactively responding to the changes in technologies through the development using various types of materials. We are dedicated to securing competitive advantages through our efforts to build up the research capabilities and partnerships with related organizations and networking with other companies.

  • Continued R&D efforts to secure technologies

    We strengthen our competitive advantages and develop various technologies.

  • A variety of test instrument available

    We have an experimental environment that can be faithful to the basics.

  • A hub for integrating to create synergy

    We creat a network with the related companies and organizations to conduct joint R&D projects.

  • R&D by expert researchers

    We are utilizing expert researchers to ensure the high quality of our researches.

R&D Advisors

박신웅 교수님
Professor Shinwoong Park

Honorary Professor, College of Engineering, Inha University

President, The Korean Fiber Society

Preliminary Study of Duty President, Federation of Asian Professional Fiber Associations, the Philippines

Federation of Asian Professional Textile Associations)

Chair, Fiber Subcommittee, Korea Industrial Standards Commission, Ministry of Commerce

FITI Researcher (Director)

KOTITI Researcher (Special Researcher)

KATRI Researcher (Expert Researcher)

Expert Researcher, KOTERI

Head of R&D Expert Committee, Korea Federation of Textile Industries

전한용 교수님
Professor Hanyong Jeon

Honorary Professor, Chemical Engineering, Inha University

Professor (Dean) of the School of Applied Chemical Engineering, Cheonnam National University

International Geosynthetics Society(IGS) Council Member

The 32nd Chair of the Korean Fiber Society

Regular Member, ASTM D35(Geosynthetics) and ISO TC221(Geosynthetics)

Advisor, Sudokwon Landfill Site Management Corporation

Geosynthetics Magazine - International Advisory Committee Member

Engineering Advisor (Landfill)

Senior Member, Korean Geotechnical Society

CEO, GSI-Korea

Chair (6th), Korea Geosynthetics Society